A screen capture of the inaugural TINK in March 2023 held over Zoom. A fraction of a collection of facilitators and participants of the program.

Think, Imagine, Navigate, Kindle!

TINK is a one-day theatre creation intensive inspired by the hack-a-thons of the Tech industry. In a single afternoon, participants attend workshops designed to ignite their creativity and help them imagine new possibilities, and then receive structured time to dream of and develop a new idea. 

Ground Floor first developed and ran TINK in March 2023 with support from Heritage Canada's Canadian Performing Arts Workers Resilience Fund. 


“I honestly can't believe I just spent an afternoon connecting, creating, and being inspired and I was paid for it! I feel so taken care of and very grateful to the organizers, presenters, funding organization(s), and other artists who contributed to today. Such a valuable experience! Thank you!” - T.W. (TINK)

“It was such an amazing afternoon, to be paid to be doing work that isn't product focused, and to learn from other professionals was incredibly impactful!” - S.C. (TINK)

“This program kicked me in the butt to start creating again and not be afraid of the stories brewing inside my mind.” - S.B. (TINK)

“Having a paid space like this is invaluable as an artist. To have an open space to create and learn, on the clock, is a gift that should be plentiful. I truly hope to see more of these in the future!” 

- R.C. (TINK)

“An amazing opportunity to connect with artists, find support, learn about different practices and ways of working, and chat about how to improve our overall landscape to create more and better theatre in more caring and creative spaces!” - G.H. (TINK)

“Prior to today's workshop, I had had so many roadblocks to continuing writing my piece. But Haley's session, particularly the 3 prompts, inspired and guided me in the direction of developing my piece that I had never thought before. I am really grateful for this opportunity. Above all, I am grateful to the Two- Way Team for caring that artists get paid for our time.” - T.V. (TINK)